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India_Carter_cowWelcome to the University at Buffalo’s Asian Studies Program

The strength of UB’s Asian Studies Program is built on the diverse interests of affiliated faculty members from a dozen departments across the university, whose teaching and research are devoted primarily to Asia. The program offers both a major and minor in Asian Studies, and occasional courses in Asian American Studies. Asian Studies also presents and co-sponsors an array of special lectures, artistic presentations, and luncheon seminars, building a community of students and scholars energized by the study of Asia, and providing rich cultural and educational opportunities for all Western New Yorkers.

Why Study Asia?

We live and study in an age in which major world cultures that were formerly assigned to particular geographic regions of the world are now recognized to have truly international, cross-sectional reach. Asian economies have a preeminent presence and impact worldwide, and political and social dynamics in Asia intersect profoundly with the US political, social, and cultural landscape. Studying Asian civilizations and contemporary societies and economies is fascinating, meaningful, and practical.

Career Options

Whether you’re interested in visual and performing arts, religion, gender, international development, global health, literature and languages, political science, economics, communications, history, human rights, or philosophy, the opportunities for careers using a degree in Asian Studies are vast. Students who major in Asian Studies land jobs in international business, government service, journalism, non-governmental organizations, teaching ESL, and the arts. Some go on to professional schools in such fields as management, finance, diplomacy, and law. Others go on to do graduate work in a variety of disciplines and pursue academic careers teaching new generations of Asian Studies majors and minors. A recent report by Nightly Business News on PBS stated that Asia-related careers will be in high demand in the 21st century.



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