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The Asian Studies Research Grant

The Asian Studies Program invites UB faculty and graduate students to apply for funding to support scholarly activity in, or related to Asia. Requests for funding to support overseas research will be given priority. Requests to support attendance at an annual conference will be considered only for those whose papers have been accepted for a conference. All expenses must be incurred before June 30 of any given year.

Research grant recipients will be expected to share their research at an Asia@Noon presentation.

The maximum award per applicant is $1,000. Requests for smaller amounts are encouraged. Since this award will not cover all costs associated with overseas travel, applicants are encouraged to seek additional funding from other sources.

The application window is closed for 2017-2018. The 2018-2019 application period will open Fall 2018. To apply, send your proposal to the attention of the Asian Studies Program Director at

Proposals should include:

  1. Proposal narrative, with a description of background, objectives, work plan, expected outputs, and impact (pdf, not to exceed 5 double-spaced pages)
  2. Itemized budget (pdf, with budget narrative, as necessary)
  3. Curriculum vitae (pdf, short versions are welcome)

The application period is not open. Proposal deadline will be Fall 2018.

The Asian Studies Program Executive Committee will consider the proposals. Notification will be made by mid December 2018.

The 2017-2018 Asian Studies Research Award Grantees

Dominique Bertrand | PhD Candidate | CAS Dept. of Anthropology

“Clarifying what we see: Exploring links between human disturbance, habituation, and stress responsiveness in wild crested macaques (Macaca nigra)” | Conference Travel

Xiangli Ding | PhD Candidate | CAS Dept. of History

Participation in “New Materials and Interdisciplinary Methods of Studying Twentieth-century Chinese History” | Workshop Travel

Yukako Otsuki | PhD Candidate | Graduate School of Education Dept. of Learning and Instruction

“A case study of Japanese elementary school teachers’ reflective practice in teaching English to 5th and 6th graders” | Research

JiYoung Park | Associate Professor | School of Architecture and Planning Dept. of Urban and Regional Planning

“Port Development Strategies of Reconstructing North Korea after Reunification” | Research

 Jinting Wu | Assistant Professor | Graduate School of Education Dept. of Educational Leadership and Policy

“Special Pupils in Special Schools: Disability, Education, and the Making of Inequality in Contemporary China” | Research

The 2016-2017 Asian Studies Research Award Grantees

Kiyono Fujinaga | Department of Linguistics

“L2 Japanese user’s pragmatic aspect of writings: exploring World Japaneses”

Dr. Samina Raja | Department of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Architecture and Planning

Land Use Changes Through the Lens of Haakh (Collards): Planning Implications in a Conflict Region”

Jihye Seong | Department of Linguistics

A longitudinal study on L2 Korean phonological development by ‘Mailorder brides’ from Southeast Asia and their children in Korea”



Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Fund

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Center at UB, in conjunction with the Department of Geography and Asian Studies Program at the College of Arts & Sciences, invites proposals for funding from scholars affiliated with any department or academic program at UB to support research related to the Southeast Asia region.

Small grants between $500 and $2,000 will be awarded for expenses related to travel, per diem, conference fees, library research, data collection, and other research costs. Funding could also support visiting scholars, conference presentations, workshops, lectures, and similar scholarly activity at UB that is related to the research of a faculty member or graduate student.

In accordance with the Gnamm bequest, preference for funding will be given to: (1) proposals from junior faculty whose research focuses on Southeast Asia; (2) proposals of UB graduate students from Southeast Asia whose dissertation research focuses on their home countries; application in this category must be accompanied by a letter from the student’s dissertation advisor verifying that the student is at thesis or dissertation-writing stage of the graduate program, (3) research or academic projects that relate to quality-of-life issues in the region, and (4) initiatives conducted in or related to Southeast Asia.

Nila T. Gnamm received a BS in Philosophy and an MA in School Administration and Supervision from the University at Buffalo. Ms. Gnamm was employed by the Buffalo Board of Education and Police Department and traveled to many countries in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

An interested faculty member or graduate student should submit a proposal with the following guidelines:

  1. The proposal should contain: (i) Name, department, affiliation, email, (ii) project/activity title, (iii) objective and summary of project/activity, (iv) work plan, expected outputs, and impact (not to exceed 2500 words), (v) other on-going applications and cost-sharing. The project should include 1 paragraph that informs about the stage of the research under consideration.
  2. If the applicant is a post-doc/graduate or professional student, please provide a letter from a UB academic advisor that: (a) indicates the student’s status and stage of the thesis project, and (b) evaluates the merit of the research.
  3. Itemize budget in a table. The budget must specify clearly how and when the Gnamm funding is to be used. The table should include a time schedule, type and cost of research resources (books, journals, database, equipment, etc.), mode and cost of travel, cost of lodging per night or for the proposed period, per diem, and conference registration fee.
  4. 3.   Curriculum vitae (not to exceed 2 pages)

Applications that fail to follow the above guidelines may not be considered. The application period is not yet open. The deadline for the Nila T. Gnamm Junior Faculty Research Fund will be November 2018, watch this page for updates and deadlines.

Applicants are asked to submit a single word or pdf file with all proposal materials included to: Professor Jessie Poon, Department of Geography, email:


The 2018 Nila T. Gnamm Research Fund Awardees

Mary Aldridge (School of Law) | ‘Thai and American Legal Education through the Experiences of Thai and American Law Students’

Luisa F. Angeles (Department of Chemistry) | ‘Occurrence of Anti Tuberculosis Drugs in Wastewater, Surface Water, and Drinking Water in the Philippines’

Azalia Primadita Muchransyah (Department of Media Study) | ‘Film as Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Intervention Method among HIV-Infected Prisoners in Indonesia’

Christopher Hollister (Lockwood Library) | ‘Developing a Singaporean Studies Collection in the University at Buffalo Libraries’

Vinay Kumar (Department of Sociology) | ‘Spatial Analysis of Coexisting Cultural Urban Regeneration Processes and Their Outcomes in Kampong Glam, Singapore’

David Engel (School of Law) | ‘Training and Mentoring in Sociolegal Research for Students and Faculty at Chiangmai University Law School’,

Jessie Poon (Department of Geography) | ‘Rescaling Institutional Spaces: Islamic Finance in Malaysia’


The 2017 Nila T. Gnamm Research Fund Awardees

Dr. JiYoung Park (Urban & Regional Planning) | Research:  “The Port of Singapore and Panama Canal Expansion”

Dr. Mary Nell Trautner (Sociology) | Research: “Unwanted Sexual Attention, Masculinity, and Law”

Mr. Neal Johnson (School of Law) | Research:  “Comparative Pharmacy Practice in Thailand and the United States”

Mr. David McCaskey (History) | Research: “A Cinematic Textbook: Constructions of a National Past through Modern Film in Vietnam”

Mr. Gordon Tan (Geography) | Conference travel: “Offshore Financial Flows: The Dual Roles of Singapore”

Ms. Jihye Seong (Linguistics) | Research:  “Mail Order Brides from Vietnam and Their Children in Korea”

Ms. Wanly Chen (Communication) | Exchange program to Singapore