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Upcoming Conferences

NYCAS 2020

The College at Brockport, SUNY September 11-12, 2020

Submissions will be accepted from February 1 through May 1, 2020.

Official 2020 NYCAS Website.

Theme: Identity

The critical concept of “identity” provides a myriad of perspectives and forms with which to explore Asia’s rich and varied cultures. Identity concerns a perceived set of characteristics performed and experienced either via social association, sanctified recognition, or personal assignation. Using identity as a lens allows scholars to explore a range of significant issues (e.g. contested terrains of belief systems: religion, spirituality, politics, economic, imperialism and colonialism, as well sustainability, climate, technology, and individual construction of self and self-worth). Who is identifying Asia? What is Asia identifying? How are national, personal, and social identities established, recognized and performed? Politically? Technologically? Artistically? Globally?

Topics range from the personal (reflexivity and equality; creativity and imagination; gender, ethnicity, sexuality and other diversities), to the impacts of larger social and global movements (colonial, pre-, post-, and de-colonization; displacements and disaster, discrimination, sustainability, environmental identity and eco-systems; the impact of technology and AI on self-identity).

All scholars, including independent scholars and graduate students, are encouraged to submit proposals for panels or an individual paper.

Send any questions to the chair at The College of Brockport, Professor Natalie Sarrazin:


Email the NYCAS Executive Secretary, Phillip Guingona, if your campus and program would like to host a future NYCAS conference!