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Asian Studies Faculty

Faculty research at UB spans Asian and Asian-American geographies. Click on a regional map below for a list of faculty who work there and get to know our core faculty members who are directly affiliated with our program.

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South Asia


Southeast Asia

West/Central Asia

Asia General

Asian American

Core Asian Studies Faculty

Several of our affiliated faculty members are directly associated with our program. They teach many of our core courses and actively seek out opportunities to support undergraduate research. We invite you to contact them if you are interested in working with them as an undergraduate or graduate student specializing in Asian Studies.

Thomas W. Burkman
Thomas W. Burkman, Emeritus
Department of History
Specialist in: Japanese History
PhD 1975 | University of Michigan
Nona Carter
Nona Carter, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Asian Studies Program
Specialist in: Modern Japanese Culture
PhD 2009 | University of Pennsylvania
Walter Hakala
Walter Hakala
Department of English and Asian Studies Program
Specialist in: Urdu and Indo-Persian literature and language history (India)
PhD 2010 | University of Pennsylvania
Mark Nathan
Mark Nathan
Department of History and Asian Studies Program
Specialist in: Korean History and Religion in East Asia
PhD 2010 | UCLA