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The Major

Please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies for information about the major or assistance in applying to the major.

 Major Requirements

Total credit hours: 37-39, in addition to the General Education language requirement.

  1. Core Courses, all required (10 credit hours)
    • AS 101: Introduction to Asian Studies (1 credit hour)
    • AS 110: The Asian American Experience
    • AS 181 or AS 182: Asian Civilization I or II
    • AS 221 Survey of Asian Literature or AS 229 Contemporary Asian Societies
  2. Language Proficiency (12-18 credit hours, or 6-8 credit hours beyond the General Education requirement).
    • Students are required to take four semesters of an Asian language other than their native language or demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency equivalent to two years of classroom language study at UB. Students who are able to demonstrate equivalent proficiency should discuss options with the Asian Studies Director of Undergraduate Studies. Other courses can substituted.
  3. Upper Level Electives (18 credit hours) | Approved Courses at the 300-400 level.
    • Nine credit hours must relate to the culture or region of the language selected. Credit hours must be balanced between the social sciences and the humanities. Up to 3 credit hours of language courses at the 300-level and above may be counted.
  4. Capstone Course (3 credit hours)
    • AS 498 Senior Research
    • Research, writing, and oral presentation of a research project are carried out under the guidance of a faculty member.
  5. With the exception of 300 and 400 level language courses, all courses applicable to the AS major may also be used towards a major in a different department.
  6. To graduate, a minimum grade of 1.7 (C-) is required in any course in the major.